Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss Nelson

This is our pet Miss Nelson is you didn't already know. She is growing up so I wanted to show the 2 people who look at my blog. She climbs in and out of her cage during the day but she favors the window ceil mostly. She love the light that shines through.
Sometimes she plays with the toys when the kids are at school.

And she eats so much and yes... that's her tongue. She hates strangers!!!

Aunt Alicia is really into face painting now, and Ty loves for her to paint his face. Devin and her friend Sidney got into the action too.

It took for ever for the paint to come off but... in the name of fun, O'well. Kids don't have a good childhood unless they get dirty. Right???

Pictures of Jace!!!

Here we have Jace looking like a deer in headlights. He has his date shirt on too. Isn't he sweet! Jace LOVES his bath time just like his momma.
And here we have Jace enjoying life. To be that care free....

And every once and a while... his angry baby face.

And here is Jace when he just can't take it any longer. This is the only way he likes to sleep. Just before he falls asleep... he likes his bum bum patted.

I can't believe how busy this little guy makes me. I love it but wish for more sleep. He is already geeting so big now that he is about 8 weeks.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Bath

So...this was Jace's first bath and we made an event of it. We all sat around to watch Dusty give Jace his first bath and video it. Well, you would think we were first time parents by the comments from our bossy kids. They kept on telling us what we were doing wrong! How would they know? Yes, we are a bit rusty, but we can bath a baby. We have to remind them that we are the parents, not them. For sure.... we
are all in love with Jace!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Jace is here!!!

On Feb. 18th baby Jace came into the world and we are glad he did!!! I've been way to tired to blog but I'm feeling much better now. This is Ty (age 6) with Jace and I think they look like brothers for sure. My labor was just a short 6 hours and it was hard. He was 7lbs 4oz. Perfect!
Yes... I am women so kiss me you fool.

Dusty is in shock in this picture. He can't believe we have another mouth to feed.

And Miss Devin was in the labor room with me and she loved it. She hasn't left the babies side since he was born. The problem we are runing into is she thinks she is the mom.

The kids are so in love with him and have been such a help with him. We never thought we would have another baby and so we are trying to take in every moment with him. Hopefully we or really, I will doing things better this time around.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We will never forget

On Jan. 15th, our wonderful pet chameleon, Dribble passed away. Yes, it was sudden. Ty's heart was broken. We had a 5:15 service with just the family.We put her in a toy treasure chest and picked the best spot in the backyard to lay her to rest. We all spoke at the service and crazy as it sounds... Dusty took the most time. He did say that he thought Dribble made us better as a family and in her honor, we will try to keep our chameleon, Miss Nelson, from death.

Ty cried. Then... it was time to jump.

And then... 2 mins. later... he came in and cried again. :(

Our baby is 10!!!

Devin turned 10 this month!!! I can't believe it. We had a bunch of her friends from school come over for a bead party. She had the best time. I tried to stay out of all the pictures but I did get caught once or twice. I had so much fun watching the girls and staying out of the way.

Thankgoodness for my sis. Alicia!!! She did all the beads with the girls so I could sit and ran everything. Is that what sisters are for???

Miss Devin is growing up too fast but at the same time... we are having such a great time together. She is for sure a built in buddy that I'm very blessed to have. Yea girls!!!